Landlocked Flipper, Cowgirl Up,  LbNA # 22333

OwnerBeach Gardens Academ    
Placed DateMay 20 2006
LocationWichita, KS
Found By BuncoQueen
Last Found Sep 8 2007
Hike Distance?

edited July 20, 2006. "Where are we is MIA". No plans, at this time, to replace it.
"Cowgirl Up" has been placed back in a hiding place near its original location. Park employees cleaned the areas and found the box and contacted me. The original hiding place was removed. But there is another log nearby.

These three boxes were placed in honor of my oldest achieving double digit status. No ink pad in the box. Please contact me with status. Happy Hunting.

Enter O.J. Watson Park and drive around to the back of the park until you come to a dead end. You may want to park near the pavilion by the playground. (Pavilion 1, it is unmarked, but is the largest pavilion in the park.)

Landlocked Flipper
Start at the cannon and turn away from the cannon, so it is behind you and you are not looking at the water. Find a secluded wood across the paved stream, watching out for predatory automobiles, locate a dolphin’s kitchen to cook up some tuna. From this outdoor kitchen swim 21 paces to the start of a trail. We are going to jump up and not dive down. Climb 11 paces and don’t trip. Continue on 43 paces following the curve of the path to the Octopus Tree. Three steps to the right and face the Octopus Tree. Find the shark’s cave, beware the shark just might bite if you aren’t careful.

Cowgirl Up
And start at the bridge. Find the yellow trail and direct your horse in that direction. Your horse may be thirsty but don’t stray from the trail. At the fork turn and go left. Join the Golden Trail going towards the right and then follow the curve to the left. Go through the tunnel and head off trail at approximately a 45 degree angle down into a wooded grove. (You should NOT have made it to a 3 way in the Yellow Brick Road.) There will be a tree with a bended elbow to your left as you enter the grove. Starting at the top of the hill go down 17 paces. Turn to the left and find the hitching tree. Look in an old fallen limb to the right.

Where Are We?
Alright you cowgirls get back on the golden trail and keep going in the direction you were headed. When you get to the three way, choose left. Walk along until you rejoin the horses’ trail. Saunter on down the horses’ trail (the way you came to the golden trail). Let your horse drink, the water on the right is best. Hitch your horse on the shaded archway. Head on through the archway and go for a short walk, while your horse drinks. Walk towards the bridge. Pass the concrete slide. Find the 2nd pipe by the stone sandbags. Look for the treasure and be rewarded with another stamp for your saddlebags.