Comedy/Tragedy  LbNA # 22346 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 21 2006
LocationArcadia, WI
Found By Optic
Last Found Dec 17 2006
Hike Distance?

Drive out of Arcadia, WI towards Independence, WI. About half way between them on the right side you will find Pietrek County Park. This park is open May - October daily until 10pm.

Enter the park and park your car near the restrooms. Walk over to the southwest corner of the building. You will notice in the grassy area next to it will be 3 cement pipes jutting out of the ground. Walk along them and ahead at the treeline you will see 3 benches. Sit and rest a sec and then look to your right. You will see a sign for the Trempeleau Trail. Follow the arrow down the hill.

This is a scenic walk along the Trempeleau River so take your time. As you walk down the trail, watch so you don't bump your head on the overhanging tree.
At the fork in the trail, follow the green arrow sign to find the direction you should go. You will cross over a creek and then come to another fork. This time, go the opposite direction you went at the last fork. Walk for about a minute and you should see a tall broken tree with no bark on your right that is about 5 feet off the path. Its about 15-20 feet tall and the only one of its kind, so you can't miss it.

Around the backside at the base, move the extra bark and you shall see the reward. Stamp up and hide well. Please update me on the progress of this box as it is far from my home and I will not be able to check up on it too often. Thanks, and enjoy!