MT: Garr Overlook  LbNA # 22375

Placed DateMay 24 2006
LocationLeipers Fork, TN
Found By Team JSABAIL
Last Found Sep 12 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 15 2015

(I am told that box 2 is wet. If someone would replace the log book, I would appreciate it.)

1. MT: Lily of the Valley
Access this history highway from Tenn Highway 100, west of Nashville. When you access this history highway here, you are at mile marker 444. Go about 12 miles to Garr Creek, at mile post 427.6. This area was named for a nearby 1801-02 U.S. Army post. Access the Overlook 1/2 mile trail. Cross over the slippery foot bridge, go up the steps, go under the fallen tree. Just before the trail makes a big U-turn, with crude fence to guide you around the turn, is a big tree on the left. The box is nestled in the roots of this great tree, on the back side of the tree.

2. MT: Rosemary
Continue on the trail, up up, up. You reach a fence that zigzags you which way to go. I'm guessing that just past this zigzag fence is the overlook, since we really didn't see any other overlook on this trail. It's just very overgrown, and you can't see much through the trees and bushes. Maybe in the winter it's a better view. Continue on the trail, until you see a sign. With the sign just in view in the distance, you will see a big tree on the left with a hole in the base. (Actually there are 2 big trees on the left with holes in the base, and both are double trunked.) You want the tree that is the 1st one you get to, or 10 steps before you get to the tree with the white trail marker on the right side of the fence.

fyi, when you continue past the letterbox, the sign says "Old Trace Parking 1 mile". The trail you are on dead ends into another trail. That trail head is not the same as Garr Trail Head. We backtracked back the roughly half mile back to the trial head. (It seemed like farther than 1/2 mile to me, but then.. well.. you know. :)