Opera House - MISSING  LbNA # 22382 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2006
LocationCambridge City, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
Found By Pioneer Spirit
Last Found Aug 22 2006
Hike Distance?

Find Creitz Park, on Foote St. one block north of highway 40 in Cambridge City, IN. Park near the suspension bridge, which reminds me of the image you'll get from this stamp. It was quite a challenge to find a hiding spot big enough for this box, but I finally did. Stand and look down the length of the bridge but don't go across it. Now look to your right. There is a long, narrow grass area with trees scattered about. Go aaaalllll the way down there almost as far as you can. You'll see the creek to your left. A hill/bank will be to your right. There are homes and cars up there, so watch for spying eyes! There is a big tree there that looks like it's been sorta sliced in two, length wise. There is a fallen log at it's foot. Look under the log for a camo-covered Lock-n-Lock box. There's PLENTY of space for a hitch hiker if you care to leave one at the Opera House. :)