Okeechobee (Updated 5/12/07)  LbNA # 22392

Ownerblue angel pumbaa    
Placed DateMay 24 2006
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 1 2008
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What is Okeechobee, anyway?
**UPDATE May 12, 2007** We've replaced the missing stamp! See below for new directions.
Park in the spaces provided. This walk is child and dog friendly and about 1 mile roundtrip. This walk is often wet -- please dress accordingly. And keep in mind that seasonal hunting is allowed here.

Follow dirt road in past the trail map. Pass 1st blue trail marker on right. Go over culvert. Pass 2nd blue trail marker on left.

Soon you will see the lake on right. Keep going on the dirt road. The road opens up to a group of tall pines and curves to the right. Soon you’ll be walking on the water’s edge and see a bench. Admire the wildlife and watch out for goose droppings.

See the wooden bridge and the trail entering the woods? (This is the blue trail.) Start counting paces as you walk off the bridge. (Pace = every time your right foot touches the ground.) Go 37 paces. Stop. Look to your left at about 8 o'clock. About 10 paces off the trail. Look to the roots of a large hemlock with mossy trunk. Find some creatures we had fun trying to catch last fall.

Continue until the trail comes near a small stream on right. You will see trees leaning out over the water’s edge. You will see where the root system is starting to lift up. From here walk 8 more paces. Look left to see a 4-trunked tree. Look for the biggest pine around and search the base. Maybe you’ll find a bird you may have seen at the lake? Bring your own ink.

As you go on, the trail follows the stream and curves to the left. The blue trail goes straight and the green trail turns left. Take the green trail. You’ll soon pass a twin tree with 2 green trail markers. Up ahead you’ll see an evergreen curving into the trail. From that bending evergreen, take 9 paces. Look for the tall triple maple on the left. Maybe you’ll find a creature here? He’s not likely to live at this lake. The first two boxes are stamps only. This box has ink & the book.

Keep going on the green trail. It will open up to a circle path and going either way will bring you back to the dirt road and your way home.

If the season is right, you may find some puddles along the way and you can try catching some creatures of your own. (Gently, of course!)