Pancake Hollow Series  LbNA # 22413

Placed DateMay 19 2006
LocationWayne, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Pancake Hollow Series (3)
High Mountain Preserve Park
Placed by Wingfoot on 05/19-24/06
Wayne, Passaic County, New Jersey

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Rocky
Time: 1 ˝ - 2 Hours

A map of the preserve can be printed at:

This hike can be combined with the DOWN UNDER SERIES.

NOTES Motorized vehicles tracks can be found in many areas of the park. Be vigilant while hiking here. This trail has a lot of loose rocky areas. Proper footwear is required. While the map makes this hike look like it is on relatively flat terrain, it isn’t. However, the Namesake letterbox can be found without any climbing.

As Wayne was my home for many years I decided to plant another letterbox series here. I almost changed the name of this series to the Rain Maker Series as every time I went to plant these boxes, it started pouring. My times for the length of this hike may be off a little as I planted each box on a different day. Most likely it would take less time then posted.

In Franklin Lakes where Indian Trail Drive and Dakota Trail intersect is a circle where you can park your car.

This letterbox is named after the person that the town in which you find this box is named after. Start down path, yellow trail start here. You’ll cross a small branch bridge. Shortly you’ll come to the poorly blazed orange trail on left. You can take a 5-minute detour here taking the orange trail to a small waterfall. Continue along yellow trail. You’ll enter an interesting rock valley along the trail. Shortly you’ll come to the start of the white trail along right side of trail. From the tree indicating the start of the white trail (not the end) go 11 paces at 290 degrees to a boulder, behind it under a pile of rocks is what you seek. After stamping in please rehide box hidden from view where you found it.

Now go back and pick up yellow trail taking it the way you didn’t come. You’ll do several short climbs. You’ll pass a parking lot on the right of trail, keep going. Eventually you’ll hike up what looks to be an old streambed. After that you’ll shortly come to a blazed tree indicating a left turn. Up behind the tree is a clearing. Take a right after the tree on an unblazed trail going up to an overlook. There will be a campfire here. You should be able to see Point View Reservoir. From the number 32 go 51 paces at 190 degrees. You’ll come to a pile of rocks; underneath the smaller ones is what you seek. After stamping in please rehide box hidden from view where you found it.

Note: 06/09/06
I've been informed that the clues to the Texas Holdem 1 letterbox may not work. I'll check on this soon.

Now go back and pick up the white trail where you found the Namesake letterbox. Take the short connector white trail to the blue trail that starts on the right of the path where the white trail ends. Take blue trail. Trail is named the Pancake Hollow Trail. Trail has lots of rocky areas, be careful. Trail will be to climb gradually. Eventually after climbing for a while you’ll come to a blazed tree on right of trail. Right after that blazed tree, trail will begin to descend rapidly. On the other side of the blazed tree is a sign indicating what park you are in. There are several other trees with signs on them in this area on right. Be careful here. From blazed tree with sign go 19 paces at 60 degrees to a rock jutting out of the ground. Behind it, hidden in a pile of rocks is what you seek. Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

After finding the letterbox you can continue on the lollipop loop trail or just turn around.