W orthington State Forest Series  LbNA # 22415

Placed DateMay 23 2006
LocationColumbia, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

W orthington State Forest Series (2)
Columbia, Warren County, New Jersey
Planted by Wingfoot on 05/23/06

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Difficult
Time: 3 – 4 Hours

This hike includes a waterfall, babbling brooks, man-made rock formations and a glacial lake (one of New Jersey’s seven natural wonders).

Bears are common in this park.

There is an elevation gain of over 1000 feet during this hike. Hiking boots are highly recommended, as there are some rocky areas. Parts of this hike are on unblazed fire roads.

The trail map provided by the park is not only inaccurate; it has trails that no longer exist.

Be prepared for colder temperatures, the side of the mountain you’ll be hiking up doesn’t get much sun and it can be very windy on the top.

Both stamps in this series are double sided.

W orthington State Forest Letterbox

Park your car at the Douglas parking lot. Don’t take the Douglas trail. Walk left down the road. A very short ways down on the right of the road is the orange trail. Take it and immediately begin climbing. Shortly you’ll pass a small waterfall on your right. Continue climbing. Eventually the orange trail meets up with the green dot trail. Go left along the merged trail. This is a good stretch to catch your breath. Shortly orange trail splits from green dot. Take a right on the orange trail continuing your climb. Eventually you’ll reach the AT (Appalachian Trail) at the end of the orange trail. Here you’ll go right along the AT. Shortly on the left you’ll come to the turquoise trail. Take the turquoise trail. After a small climb you’ll come to a spot on the right where you’ll get a great view of Sunfish Pond. Continue on the turquoise trail. Trail will eventually meet up with fire road. Remember this spot, you’ll be returning to it later on. Go left on fire road. The blazes will get farther and farther apart. Eventually turquoise trail splits from road. Stay with the turquoise trail. You’ll go down for a bit, cross a stream, and start climbing again. Trail will eventually meet up with another fire road. At this point you’ll go left along fire road. The turquoise trail, which you will not be taking, will go in the opposite direction. After about 10 minutes on the fire road, you’ll see a huge dead tree with many branches along the right of the trail. Take out your compass. Walk a few more paces down the fire road. When the tree is at 220 degrees stop. Two feet off the fire road is a rock. In front of the rock, under a smaller rock is what you seek. After stamping in please rehide box where you found it hidden from view.

Sunfish Pond Letterbox

Remember the spot? Return to it retracing your steps along the turquoise trail. When you come to the spot continue hiking down the fire road with Sunfish Pond on your right. Eventually you’ll come to a three foot high glacial erratic on the right side of the fire road. Across the road on the other side is a big rock. In front of it under a smaller rock and under that is what you seek. After stamping in continue along the fire road the way you didn’t come. Fire road will meet up with AT again. Take the AT right and you’ll almost immediately come to Sunfish Pond. Sunfish Pond became a Registered Natural Landmark in 1970. The water in this glacial lake is almost crystal clear. There are many spots to stop for photos of this beautiful area along the AT here. Follow the AT for a while around the lake and then you’ll cross a small stream. Stay on the AT and you’ll come to an area along the pond with some man-made rock formations. Stay with AT until you come back to orange trail on left which will lead you back to the parking lot.