Sea to Shining Sea  LbNA # 22453

OwnerKristal & Ron    
Placed DateMar 31 2005
Location???, MY
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 3 2006
Hike Distance?

“Sea to Shining Sea” is a Traveling Postal Box. We’re hoping to fill this logbook with a letterbox, and a letterboxer, stamp from each state in our great nation.

The first person to contact us from each state will be the chosen contributor. Volunteers must agree to take “Sea to Shining Sea” on a letterbox hunt in their own state, and then mail it on to another volunteer (cost: $4.15 for a flat-rate Priority Mail envelope).

Please use the Contact Placer function to send us your email and snail mail addresses. We will notify you via email if you’re chosen, and then when to expect the box and who to send it on to.

With letterboxing and mailing time, we expect each person to have it for about a week, so this will take a while. Thanks in advance to all for your help (and patience)!

STATES WE STILL NEED (Updated 10/08/06): Alabama – Arkansas – Hawaii – Louisiana – Mississippi – Nevada – North Dakota – South Carolina – South Dakota – Tennessee – West Virginia - Wyoming