An Apple For My Teacher  LbNA # 22465

Placed DateMay 24 2006
LocationHouston, TX
Planted Bymother of five    
Found By fashion girl
Last Found Dec 28 2009
Hike Distance?

We planted this box as an end of the school year gift for my daughter's fabulous second grade teacher. It is really a tribute to teachers everywhere for all they do each and every day for our kids. Be kind to all the great teachers you know, their work changes the world.

This box is located in Terry Hershey Park in West Houston. To start in the correct area go south on Dairy Ashford from I 10. Just south of Memorial Drive you will see a parking area for the park on the left hand side of the road (look for a blue precint 4 sign, and if you get to Briar Forest you have gone too far.) Park at the back of the lot and enter the park through the green railings.

Walk between the green railings to the asphalt path. Go down and then up a hill, passing a blue and white “Please keep pets on a leash” sign on your right. When you get to the green Terry Hershey Trail rules sign on your right stop. You have a little story problem to do now.

If student A takes 50 steps, then 75 steps, and then 30 steps, how many steps does he take all together? Now, what if student A can’t follow directions and turns around and takes 55 steps back where he came from, then how many steps would it be? What if the teacher calls to student A that he is going to be left behind, and student A hurries and takes 105 quick steps to catch up, how many steps would that be in total?

After you solve this problem not only will you be able to pass the TAKS math test, you will also know the number of steps to take from the green sign. After said number of steps, you should arrive at a small clearing on your right. Look to your right, and take 12 steps to a tree with a very distinctly bumpy/spiky trunk, growing just at the beginning of a small rise. The box is hidden behind this tree at its’ base, covered with sticks and leaf litter. Please re hide well, and if you send us an e mail to let us know about the box you may just be rewarded with a night of no homework!