Packin' It In  LbNA # 22471

OwnerFork Finders    
Placed DateMay 21 2006
LocationConifer, CO
Found By bluespruce1
Last Found Jul 22 2011
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Packin' It In

Packin’ It In

In the summer of 2005 we discovered this little park and decided to camp one weekend. Before setting off for a day of exploring I had to wait for Benchy and while doing so I made myself comfortable lying in the sunshine. When I put my arm out it hit something. I looked and there stuck in the side of the hill was a metal fork, tines stuck in the ground.

Loving puns as I do, I amused myself while waiting. By the time Benchy was ready to go, I could barely wait to say:

“Look! I found a fork in the road!“

This fork ended up in my pocket and later when we stopped for a picnic lunch miles from where we were camping, we realized that we’d left all our cutlery back at the campsite. Except we had one that one fork we’d found in the road.

And here started our phrase: Take the Fork in the Road…..To Lunch!

For the rest of the weekend, and ever since, the fork puns began. As a result, Benchy became Benchy and I became Lunchy….and together we became the Forkfinders.

Clues: Packin’ It In

Kid and dog friendly, but the trail is single track, so not wheel friendly.

Reynolds Park, part of Jefferson County Open Space, is located on South Foxton Road off of Highway 285 near a town named for a type of tree. The park is sign posted from 285.

The hot link above will give you more info and how to contact them if you want to reserve a walk in camping spot:

Find the Red Ranch in Reynolds Park and pull into the parking area here. Head out on the only trail here, past the yield sign, our little Chickadee, then Fork right to the campground.

Approximately 1/3 of the way on this 0.5 mile trail (104’ total trail elevation gain) you should find yourself crossing a small creek bed, with a small series of switchbacks up ahead – distinctive not only for being the only switchbacks on this trail, but for the soil on them being red.

At the high point at the top of the switchbacks you should find now yourself in a clearing. Walk to the other side of the clearing, as you do so, on the right you should see red again. Now enter the trees and very shortly after doing so the trail will bend sharply to the right (south). Again very shortly after this turn, find the tree on the left side you can touch from the trail. Stop here.

Up ahead on the right side of the trail (approximate bearing 280) note the tree that has, erm ...a Fork in it! About ½ way from the tree you’re standing next to on the left and the Forky Tree up ahead on the right, you will find a short little tree stump no more than 6” high on the right side of the trail

Not from the 1st tree on the left can you see red, but from the stump and the Forky Tree you can again! Under this stump, buried underneath horizontally placed tree bark bits is your prize

Since this box is SO close to the trail, (as our ranger friends at Jeffco Open Space prefer, and in exchange they don’t tend to confiscate letterboxes – we LOVE them for being so letterboxing friendly!): Please, please, please – re-hide this box completely hidden from view! Like your Fork Depended on It, and don’t stamp in right here. It's completely bad letterboxing form to leave a box exposed in ANY way and this one in particular needs extra care to remain invisible!

Instead, we think you might really like discovering the Bench, picnic tables, a bathroom, free campground and fire wood about 0.2 miles up ahead. There is a creek with seasonal water, and a water pump at the campground, but we’ve never seen the pump unlocked. If you do decide to Pack It In and camp at this lovely spot, assume water will not be available. In any case, bring a sack lunch for a nice picnic at this very under-used spot.

Handcarved stamp and logbook by Lunchy, with ink pad. We can’t remember if we included a pen, we were Packin’ It In!

(Lunchy and Benchy)

Take the Fork in the Road…..
To Lunch!

We’d love to hear from ya!

We are a combined entity which has, for what it's worth, disbanded under this trail name since this box was placed. HOWEVER: One of the placers is still very active. It might be a bit until messages are received/acknowledeged under addres but WILL be read...just don't be surprised if it takes as long as a month to hear back, however.

For that reason please, please send online status as is it likely to be ages between maintenance calls!

Lunchy aka....
of the Forkfinders