Doors Open Denver  LbNA # 22476 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2006
LocationDenver, CO
Found By one love journeying
Last Found Jan 16 2010
Hike Distance?

11/04/08 box replaced with new logbook after being geotrashed. I know there's been one planted nearby, but don't know exacts. The smaller of the 2 stamps has gone missing and I did not replace it.

Therefore, please, please, please rehide well like a compulsive ferret! THANKS!

p.s. This is a super early box, very crude stamp.


For driving, parking and other relevant information to get to this box and explore the area, please see the clues for my Denver Skatepark letterbox. This box is also wheel and family friendly like that one is, so do them together as was my intention when I planted both boxes.

The parking situation is much better over at the Skatepark box than it is at this one, most of the time, and it's only about 1/4 mile away.

From my Denver Skatepark letterbox head upstream on EITHER side of the South Platte River about ¼ easy-peasy mile to Commons Park. This park is the one that has a white suspension pedestrian bridge over the river to the west of Commons Park. If you’ve come up the west side of the river, use this bridge to cross over the river and into the park.

When you get to Commons Park, you'll find it's well-named because it is very much this part of Denver’s “Living Room” and the doors are always open for you to drop by and visit. It's very popular after work for dog walking, volleyball, etc. Just upstream you'll find Confluence Park where Cherry Creek and the South Platte River come together - and where one of the two original settlements that mark Denver's beginning was located. Confluence Park is very popular with practicing kayakers which you might want to check out.

The buildings to the east of Commons Park are all high density urban living: lofts and condos and this area is experiencing a lot of changes. It used to be all railyards!

Head to the eastern side of the park, and generally towards a clock you’ll see up on top of one of the buildings. Don’t cross any roads used by autos.

Look around for some more interpretive signage like the one at the Skatepark. You just might have an “ah ha moment” for at least one (OK maybe 2...) of my non-Denver boxes in Colorado.

While facing the Riverfront Park side, find the paved trail immediately on the other side of the approximately 3 foot high red wall near here. Take this trail slightly downhill to a Y-junction where you should go right and away from the wall. At the T-junction turn left, and as you do so, start looking for The Grove. Once you’ve found it, stand facing it. Note the gravel trail just on the other side with three large red rocks on this trail’s south side which you can see from The Grove?

Now head to the middle of these 3 rocks. Look around on the south side (non trail side) of this rock for a kind of “point”. Near here look for two small red rocks that I wedged in and under the large rock to mark the spot, and hopefully! keep lawn mowers, weed wackers and pesky gardeners from being interested in that little 1-inch area under these stones and the large rock where you’ll find your prize.

Please, please be discreet here. It IS a peaceful part of the park (much more so than up top in the main park), but still lots of people can sneak up on you (remember to look up to street level!). Please rehide the box as far under the large rock as you can manage then wedge the small red rocks on top as tightly as you can. I really am worried about those gardeners! (I’ve had another Denver box go missing ‘cause of those hard-working folks who make our parks look so nice!)

Be careful when opening, especially in tall grass. It has one very small part that might get lost.

Handmade stamp and logbook, but no ink.

Status updates and hellos always appreciated.

Oh yeah and: