Le petit pique-nique  LbNA # 22479

OwnerFork Finders    
Placed DateMay 24 2006
LocationGolden, CO
Found By LTO
Last Found Jun 26 2011
Hike Distance?

7/2010: Box reported fine. It gets very few visitors and is awaiting your visit!

Le petit pique-nique

Another of our letterboxes in White Ranch Park, which is operated by Jefferson County Open Space. For a link to the park with more info about getting here, see our Lunch Stop letterbox. After finding that box, return to the parking lot and if you haven’t done so already, pick up une carte du parc.

Ooh la la, mon ami! Such a lovely day for le petit pique-nique. We have un menu magnifique and une bouteille de vin. Quell horror! - we have brought makings for sandwiches, but we’ve forgotten the bread!

Remember that time we were in San Francisco and they had such lovely bread? Oh look here! There might even be eau de source! at this place. (Though not always. If planning to camp – phone ahead for current conditions.) You’ll find bathrooms, free firewood, fire pits and beaucoup de tables for le petit pique-nique.

1.6 miles each way on a mostly easy fire road with a few moderate, but short, inclines.

Bike, horse, kid, and dog friendly. If you're a semi/serious mountain biker, you might also like this trail. If you're a casual biker, you probably won't.

Table number 8 awaits you, so get out your picnic and letterboxing supplies, and then tie up your “horsE d'oeuvre” on the south end of something close by. From here take a bearing of 330 and you should see a large group of rocks (with a very large boulder and a big tree in the vicinity.) On the off chance someone is already using this table, you should still be able to get the box if you're sneaky. You should be just! barely out of view of the table when it's time to snag the box.

If the bushes around this group of rocks hasn’t gotten too overgrown, from where you take the bearing you should see on the top and in the center of this group of rocks what looks like a mini version of a “flatiron rock”.

Now walk over to this group of rocks and stand on top near this “flatiron rock.” There’s really only one area where you can stand on top. You’ll now note there’s a smaller tree very close by that you might not have noticed before. Well-hidden under a rock (that you may be standing on top of, or very close to) on the NE side of this tree is another hors d'oeuvre to enjoy before your pique-nique.

Please remember to rehide completely hidden from all angles.

Handmade stamp and logbook by Lunchy with ink pad and pen.

Bon Appétit!!!

We are a combined entity which has, for what it's worth, disbanded under this trail name since this box was placed. HOWEVER: One of the placers is still very active. It might be a bit until messages are received/acknowledeged under addres but WILL be read...just don't be surprised if it takes as long as a month to hear back, however.

For that reason please, please send online status as is it likely to be ages between maintenance calls!

Lunchy of the Forkfinders
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