Celestial Gold Award Series - #1  LbNA # 22493

Placed DateMay 1 2006
CountyDanville city
LocationDanville, VA
Found By EllBee
Last Found Jul 25 2008
Hike Distance?

To get these clues in word format or to get a copy of the cemetery map before you go on your quest, you can email me at letterboxing.gs@gmail.com, and I'll send them to you.

Note: When you enter the cemetery, take the walking guide pamphlet which is next to the gate in a box on the inside of the cemetery; it contains answers for your clues.

Celestial Gold Award Series
Old Grove Street Cemetery
Letterbox # 1

(#1 of an 8 box series)

• “Prepare to meet thy God” is what several of my classmates wrote in phosphorescent paint in my dimly lit room; as a result, I supposedly died of heart failure after reading this

• There are two of us covered in miniature cast iron; our father served as the rector of Danville’s Episcopal Church of the Epiphany for over 50 years

• Several of us were natives of Anrim, Ireland, and two of us were the 1st two members of Danville’s Presbyterian Church

• I was president of the area’s first railroad line for 20 years

• Follow the stone wall to your right

• You will go for a while and go down a hill

• You will reach a sewer drain/cover

• Turn 180 degrees

• Go to the first tree in front of you which is next to the brick wall

• On the side facing the brick wall, there is a hole in the trunk; the letterbox is inside

Remember to be cautious; watch out for poison ivy and snakes when searching for the letterbox. Remember to place the box as it was and make sure it is hidden well before you leave. ありがと!がんばれ!