Piatt Park Series  LbNA # 22494

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateMay 25 2006
LocationWoodsfield, OH
Found By Red /Blue Cruz-sader
Last Found Aug 31 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 17 2015

Difficulty: Easy after the first gulley.
Time: 35 minutes. Distance ~ 400 yards round trip on some fairly hilly ground.
Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, compass, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands.

Piatt Park is located 4 miles or so east of Woodsfield Oh. North of H.W. 78.

Clues: Head East out of Woodsfield on 78 and watch for the Piatt Park sign on the left side of the road. Turn left and follow the signs to the park. Once on a smooth road in the park go to the end of the road and park on the circle by Camping location 7. Find the trail head behind and below location 7 and proceed into the woods. NOTE: IF THE GROUND IS WET USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN CROSSING THIS GULLEY AS IT IS QUITE STEEP ON BOTH SIDES. Follow the trail down to the bottom where the stream runs when it rains and then back up the hill to the crest where there is a tree on the right that splits to two about 3 feet above ground. Stop here and look left to the tree line. Follow the tree line on an ~ (approx.) heading of 140* for ~ 18 steps or until you find a maple tree that turns to 4 trees above ground and find the EAGLE hiding under rocks at the base of the tree. Discretely (since in summer this is a popular park) retrieve, stamp in and replace the letterbox as you found it then head back to the trail. NOTE: THE SECOND BOX IS MISSING and has been retired and the clues removed. If you can find the time, please send me an update on the condition of these two boxes by contacting the placer at the top of this clue sheet.