Creek Crossings  LbNA # 22525

Placed DateApr 27 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Update: 10-30-11: Confirmed in place.

This letterbox is located in a narrow strip of private park near downtown Columbia. The park name is K[MJ S. DYRESTY[STL. (You may wish to SHIFT your computer keyboard to the right a bit before visiting the park, ESPECIALLY IF YOU TOUCH-TYPE). The park contains multiple creek crossings so be prepared to get your shoes wet. This hike is short, easy and suitable for young children.

BACKGROUND: I’ve driven by this park many times and never even knew it existed. One of the things I enjoy most about letterboxing is the opportunity to introduce new places to people, so I hope you enjoy leap-frogging this creek.

From Interstate-70 take exit 126 and head south on Providence Road (aka Hwy 163) to Broadway. Turn right and head west to Garth (by the Columbia Public Library). Turn left on Garth and go south a few blocks to East Parkway Drive. Turn right and park along the road somewhere near this intersection.

Head west on East Parkway a few blocks to Crestmere Avenue. From the fire hydrant go 245 degrees 14 paces to start of narrow trail (one pace = two steps). This trail borders the creek, usually on both sides. Take trail to creek.

Cross Creek near “Metro St. Louis” and turn left. Follow the edge of the woods on the left, admiring large maple and large oak on your right.

Cross Creek on wooden and stone steps. Hope you have good balance. Do not head into field on other side. Instead, make an immediate right and continue on narrow trail bordering creek. This trail may be difficult to see during the growing season. Go about 45 paces.

Cross Creek to where a wooden swing hangs from the lowest limb of a tree that appears to be bowing to an audience after a performance. (Update 3/11/07: the swing is missing but the tree is still there.) Sit for a bit on the swing if you like, then duck under limb going between the tree trunk and the swing and follow path along creek (stay in woods).

Cross Creek at wooden bridge, turn right and continue along wooded path (the creek should be on your right). After 30 paces notice a tributary merging with the main creek on your right as you pass between a wooden “gate” of two trees. After 25 paces, pass thru another such “gate.” This one has 6 guardians on right, two on left and a friendly sycamore just beyond. At this point the trail veers left. Do not go that way. In the creek, some old bricks barely hang onto an old pipe.

Cross Creek and climb onto bank. Turn left. Creek is now on your left. At large fallen log which lies ACROSS trail, step over and follow stone steps down to creek. [Update: 4-17-10. I'm told there's now a yellowjacket nest in the log so you may wish to omit this creek crossing and stay on the left bank until you see the stone steps on the right bank, then stay on that side until you see the culvert mentioned below]

Cross Creek and turn right, ducking under a tree to continue to follow creek bank trail. Watch for a large concrete culvert on the far side of the creek. When you are opposite the culvert, begin counting paces. Go 6 paces.

Cross Creek on stones and walk up bank on other side. Path veers left uphill. At top of hill, after last stone step, go 22 paces to fallen hollow log on left whose opening may be covered with winter creeper vines.

Your well-camouflaged critter waits inside guarded by a flat rock. Since animals like to chew on and drag away plastic boxes, and also since the log opening faces the trail, please replace rock in front of box to prevent animal mischief, vandalism or forces of nature from destroying or removing the box. Please use the “Contact the Placer” link to let me know of your adventures in letterboxing today and the condition of this box, Thank you. –Fox-fyr