Junkyard Dog  LbNA # 22527

Placed DateMay 3 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Update: 2/2/13: Confirmed in place.

This letterbox is located in south central Columbia on University of Missouri property.

BACKGROUND: You never know what you’re going to find while hiking in the woods. This letterbox was created to showcase an unexpected but perhaps typical college-town phenomenon. If your compass skills are rusty, here’s a perfect box on which to practice. This box is of medium difficulty due to the terrain (half on trail, half off-trail with some elevation change), the amount of compass bearings you’ll need to take, and the nature of the clues.

From Interstate 70, take exit 126 and head south on Providence Road (aka Hwy 163) to CEEDROPNIV TOPIN aka KIMC VEEDAR ROMELIAM IVERD(You may wish to eat some scrambled eggs before you go). Turn left and head east to the first intersection. Go through the yellow gate on the right and park at SHINNOK RECELIENOR AEAR near the soccer field. Start on trail at east end of lot.

Head east on trail. After first bend, notice grassy patch on right, and horsehoe-shaped path that encircles a large oak. To the west of the oak is a dirt path that heads uphill. After first bend partway uphill notice fallen giant on your right. At top of hill pass mountain bike mounds. Path veers right and left then past another (smaller) giant. Pass another mountain bike ramp and a large tree standing tree with many holes in its central trunk. Just past here, the trail forks. The back side of SPAMCU WEVI PATS is visible. Go right, away from buildings. Trail becomes narrow, grassier and westerly (and muddy in places when wet). Eventually, you’ll pass an old trail and old fence on your left that lead to residential areas. Stay on main trail.

Ahead of you you’ll see an abandoned white and Yellow “Pick-Me-Up.” Near it, stand on eastern end of “Road Guardian” and head 60 degrees 30 paces into woods to “Old Black.” Standing with your back to Old Black’s middle, head 100 degrees about 10 paces to "Wash Basin" between 2 small trees. Continue on faint game trail 70 degrees 27 paces to “Bits and Pieces.”

Nearby see small and low “Silver Chrome” between two trees. With Chrome on your right, face downhill and head 20 degrees 10 paces to “Old Blue.” Continue downhill 13 paces to “Broken Camouflage.” Stand on uphill side next to maple tree and go 330 degrees downhill to “Black Donut.” Stand inside Donut and go 45 degrees 24 paces to “Rusted Blue.” From uphill double doors go 150 degrees 22 paces up and over ridge to “Twin Suicide.”

From front grill on downhill side, go 125 degrees 15 paces downhill to an old rock wall. Look for “Metal Around Sapling” and “Futuramic.” Look under a large nearby stone. LB guarded by “Rusty Beverage” and several small stones. Please replace stones and other cover when re-hiding box to prevent some junkyard animals or vandalism or forces of nature from removing or destroying the box.

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