The Three Bears.  LbNA # 22544

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateMay 27 2006
LocationMt. Sterling., OH
Found By Spurtle2
Last Found Apr 5 2008
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The Three Bears.
**All boxes now in place 10/9/06**
Deer Creek State Park.
Place on Ghost Swamp Trail located across the parking lot from Harding Cabin and 'Presidental Timber'.

One of three boxes in this park, two will not have directions until they finish messing with this trail. There is too much Poison Ivy and too many washed out foot bridges at the moment for me to lead you to the place I really want you to see. I hope that they refurbish the trail soon, kill the ivy and rebuild the bridges.

The newest boat ramp looks completed (5/06), the lot and the old abandoned roadway was rebuilt and paved plus the last turn into the parking lot was re-routed slightly.

Help reunite the bear family.

Baby Bear:

Enter the Ghost tree trail and turn right where the old part has been blocked off by a bundle of brush. (One of the ‘Four Jacks’ is also on this trail.)

Just a few yard into the trail, locate the small glacier erratic* on the left side of the trail. The box will be across the trail between two smaller rocks and under some wood, rocks and leaves. Re-hide carefully, this box was visible on last visit.

Re-hide this very well. It's awfully close to the trail for comfort.

**Box 2 added 10/9/06**

Papa Bear:

Continue on the trail, over the footbridge and continue straight up the hill to the right ignoring the trail that starts on the left. You will be walking right past one of the '4 Jacks' boxes.

Follow the trail on around and down the hill into the open and cross the stream as best as possible since the bridge was washed away some time ago. You will easily see the massive boulder sitting out of place in the open area.

Approach the erratic and note the dead 'slingshot' tree behind the rock. Papa bear is located here.

Mama Bear:

Follow the trail on up around the rock and into the woods, once you make a final sharp turn to the left and reach a small foot bridge perhaps 3 feet across, turn left into the woods on a Deer trail under an arched sapling and walk 20 paces to a couple of big trees on the ground. The remains of one of the trees points a sharp shadow to the location of Mama bear hibernating under some bark in the jumble of tree parts on the ground.

*A glacier erratic is a ‘non-native’ rock that surfed into the park during the last ice age from points north inside a mile-thick glacier that covered this part of Ohio..

'Papa Bear'rock is featured in the book "50 more hikes in Ohio".