Don't Be Koi-OUT FOR REPAIR  LbNA # 2255

Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By bigpoppaduz
Last Found Oct 1 2005
Hike Distance?

Location: Franklin Park, Columbus OH
Parking: Take Broad Street East toward the Franklin Park Conservatory, Go right on Franklin Park W and park in the park's designated parking area.

As you enter the park, you will come to a crossroads of sorts, you will see a weeping willow in the distance ahead of you. Bear right on the large path and follow it until you pass a red "Fido Relief Station". As you continue to 'lumber' along , keep in mind that you will stay on the 'right' path until you cross the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, you will bear left at approximately 100 degrees and go 60 paces. Sit down and enjoy the pond and waterfall, what you seek is in sight. After you've enjoyed the view, continue along the path, over the bridge and turn left. On the other side of the trees, take a left and proceed up the hill to the bench. Sit facing the white sign of "peace".........the "piece" you seek is afoot.

Please use discretion when stamping in, the park is well traveled and easily viewed by residential neighborhoods. Let us know when you find it :)