4,338'  LbNA # 22573

Placed DateMay 28 2006
LocationBurnsville, NC
Found By The Wolf Family
Last Found Jun 24 2007
Hike Distance?

Planted by MountainScorpia and KnitWit.

Please do not put this box into a plastic bag.

4-Wheel drive recommended. HIGHLY recommended, although I've done it in my '97 Cavalier coupe twice now, with only some mud to show for it.

It is STEEP and it is NARROW and there are ROCKS and there are MUDHOLES and for most of it there is a STEEP DROPOFF on one side or the other. That said, the view is AWESOME!

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: It is generally accepted here that if two vehicles meet on a narrow road, the driver on the way down yields to the driver on the way up. There are places on this road that will be a challenge. Fortunately, there is not much traffic on the road.

ALSO GOOD TO KNOW, and only slightly less scary: This is quite the hangout for amorous teens. We found a used "balloon" when we were planting the box, sooooo - please keep your kiddies on a short leash, so to speak.

Clues: With your eyes, follow the curve of Otway’s right shoulder. All the way up. Way, way up. Higher than anything else around. Drive in that direction. When you reach the fork, take a right, winding up and up, and when you see the Phillips Knob dirt road to the right, take it. Watch your bottom! Go up til you can’t go up any more. Find the benchmark at the base, and look at the place you yourself would have thought to plant a box.