Edible Forest Series: Sorrel  LbNA # 22583 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 28 2006
LocationCorbett, OR
Planted ByLogos    
Found By NWgranola
Last Found Apr 28 2007
Hike Distance?

This is the first in a series the kids and I plan to plant around the theme of native edible plants. Sorrel is one of their favorites, although they know that the oxalic acid in it means that eating too much will result in an upset stomach.

This box is in the same neighborhood as the Triple Falls box, one of the "Original Columbia Gorge Falls" series. That box has had surprisingly few visitors, and Miss Kitty and I encourage more folks to find it. It's very nice.

To find Sorrel, head out the Scenic Highway in the Gorge, and find the Oneonta trailhead. Head up the trail to the first junction, and go left. Continue up the trail, past the junction with trail 438/Ponytail Falls (at about 1 mile). Continue up to Triple Falls. Cross the bridge past the falls, and look for the clearing on your left, where a "fire restrictions" sign resides up a tree.

Walk to absolute zero, but don't run into the slender Alder, growing into the arms of a Grand Fir. In its roots, hidden on all sides by stones, you'll find Sorrel (and a lot of sorrel ;-)