Pond Friends Series  LbNA # 22590 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 24 2005
CountyLos Angeles
LocationManhattan Beach, CA
Planted ByWild Rose    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Nov 23 2009
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Pond Friends Letterboxes

Park Hours 6am-10pm. No dogs allowed. This is a very busy park. Please be discrete and re-hide well.

Note: I have had several reports that only Dan is still alive and well. I also hear that the "Ocean of Garbage" sculpture is gone. Go figure! I live out of state and can't check on them personally until Christmas. I'll try to replant missing boxes then. Good luck.

Hi, I’m Fritz. I was born and grew up at a park in Manhattan Beach. My friends Tom, Dan, and Fred are still there. You can visit them if you want. The park is on the corner of Manhattan Beach Blvd. and Redondo Ave.

#1: Park on Redondo Ave. Take time to stop and get fit as you enter the park. Fly to the far right on the sidewalk as you pass the big mouth monster. Continue to follow the sidewalk as you fly past the bathrooms. Getting tired yet? Why don’t you fly up to the ocean of garbage? Dan used to live here on top of the sculpture but he got rained out! Now you can find him if you look over your left shoulder and find the home of the Manhattan Beach Historical Society. If you sit and rest on the planter just to the right of the back steps you’ll be able to casually reach under the bottom step to find Dan.

#2: When you’re ready to go on, hop back to the ocean of garbage and then to your right over the bridge. Hop around the pond to the USS Polliwog. When you get there turn left and hop up to the top of the grassy hillside. Cross the path to the plants by the chain link fence. There you can visit Fred, who lives in the plant on the far right. He is under some leaves in the center of the cluster of trunks. Please recover him well when you leave.

#3: If you want to visit Tom swim back toward the pond. Turn left on the path by the USS Polliwog. Swim awhile until you can follow the path right between the pond and the diamond. Swim across the streambed and turn right. Find the locked gate in the chain link fence that leads into the natural area. You’ll find Tom under some grass at the base of the right hand gate post.

Note: This series was planted as a 2005 Christmas gift for my nephews. I hope you enjoy it as well. I live out of state and would appreciate any updates on the condition of the boxes. Please, please take care to re-hide carefully or the boxes won't last long at all!