Sack Lunch  LbNA # 22609

Placed DateMay 27 2006
LocationSwan Valley, ID
Found By rydeswitheagles
Last Found Jun 19 2010
Hike Distance?

[Confirmed OK Aug2010. Needs to be adopted by caring letterboxer.]

We went camping this weekend, the kickoff to summer. We were so excited we ran off with our school books and sack lunch! When we were almost to the campground, we realized we didn't need those, so we tossed them out of the car.

From Idaho Falls, take Highway 26 for about 30 minutes. Right before the road crosses the Snake River, turn right onto Snake River Road at the Falls Campground sign. Follow the dirt road until you reach another Falls Campground sign. Turn there. At the first curve in the road is a gravel shoulder where you can pull over. Look to your left, there's a small path. Face the path. Go to the first tree to your right-a skinny poplar. The sack lunch is at the base of the tree, on the west side, hidden under dead leaves and rocks.

This box is probably inaccessible during the winter, as the campground area is likely closed.