Celestial Gold Award Series - #3 & #4  LbNA # 22626

Placed DateMay 29 2006
CountyDanville city
LocationDanville, VA
Found By Trail Mixers
Last Found Aug 22 2010
Hike Distance?

Egads! Unfortunately box #3 is MIA; heavy rains washed it away and the box needs to be replaced. It should be back by early March. Box #4 however is still there.

To get these clues in word format, you can email me at letterboxing.gs@gmail.com, and I'll send them to you.

Note: Green Hill Cemetery is located on Lee Street.

Celestial Gold Award Series
Green Hill Cemetery
Letterbox #3

(#3 of an 8 box series)

• Come sit on us, the angels/cupids we are, for “death is a slave’s freedom” and those who fought for us are at your back

• Looking at this which is quoted, head at 2 o’clock towards the pillars of sweet gum in the distance. The Robert E. Lee/Stonewall Jackson memorial can be seen between them through the leaves or visible if they are naked.

• As you near, you will discover the left pillar is further back than the right

• When you arrive at the sweet gum pillars, look to your right

• There is a hole beneath a sizable root in the indented ground; the letterbox is inside

Celestial Gold Award Series
Green Hill Cemetery
Letterbox #4

(#4 of an 8 box series)

• Go to the Robert E. Lee memorial; it will serve as your starting point

• “I stand above the sun as it peaks over the horizon, daisies in its wake, for I am the silent guardian of Shelton. Do I point my right hand up towards what was named after Pierre Magnol, or do I point to heaven since ‘blessed are the pure in heart’ and ‘I am the resurrection and the life’? Find me, for I reside above the later and in my left hand I carry a marred pick axe. Stand in front of the breaking dawn.” *

• Back step 5 paces still facing the sunrise of iron

• Walk 42 paces at 2 o’clock; you will find yourself with Pierre again

• Find Cobb

• The line of Foxes will lead you to two square planters

• Pick the planter with the green glass; planter marks the spot

• The letterbox is hidden inside the cement corner; Tiger Woods will show you which two stones to move

* Extra Credit Clue Hint: If you happen to know of this Girl Scout Gold Award project and know whose it is (in other words, you know who I am), a family’s surname happens to be my first name minus the first “i.”

A big gravestone bears this name in plain, close view off the main path. With your back facing the stone, the clue given is in plain sight at 1-2 o’clock.

Also, allot a good amount of time to pursue this box since the starting clues in each does not have the specific location defined. You have to search the cemetery to find the first couple clues; the cemetery is quite large.

Remember to be cautious; watch out for poison ivy and snakes when searching for the letterboxes. Also, remember to place the boxes as they were and make sure they are hidden well before you leave; this is imperative since one of the box's location is identified by details given in the clues. This box has already disappeared once right after I put it out and before I was able to post any clues. ありがと!がんばれ!