Luthers Rose  LbNA # 22636 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 21 2006
LocationLolo, MT
Found By StarWars Chick
Last Found Jul 29 2007
Hike Distance?

Adopt a Highway: The two miles that start two miles below Lolo pass are far enough from the fast food that there is not a lot of trash to gather. A few beer cans, pop bottles, scraps of paper, and almost every spring in the S-turns at snowshoe falls there's a broken truck tire chain. With not a lot of "work" to do this gives me time to look at the wild flowers, the granite boulders, maybe see some birds or animals, and think there should be a letterbox here.
Clues? On your way up Lolo pass find the 4 mile marker. Go through the sharp "S" turns at Snowshoe falls. Just after the highway straightens there is a logging road to the right, turn here and park. On the right side of the road are a few trees, between the first one and a large rock will be the box. Is there still a pile of old tires? On up this road, past the gate, to the corner will give a nice view. Beyond that ? we haven't walked that far, it could be an adventure.
The Adopt-a-Highway sign has a clue to this letterbox name. Snowshoe falls can not be seen from the road, it's on the lower end of the s-turn. If you go by the 2 mile marker or over the top into Idaho - you've gone to far.