School Days! We Love the Ox Ridge Owls!  LbNA # 22647 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2006
LocationDarien, CT
Planted Byfunthought    
Found By The Quackers
Last Found Aug 23 2014
Hike Distance?

There is a FIRST FINDER BONUS in this box! This is a hand-carved stamp placed by Funthought and KJLighthouse in celebration of the end of the school year! Ready for some school work? ;) This one's fun for the kids, and there's a great playground (or 2)! You can find a map to get to Ox Ridge School at:

From Merritt Parkway: Exit 37 head south towards Darien. 3/4s of a mile to traffic light. Turn right into school.

From South 95: Exit 13. Cross traffic heading left on Rt. 1. Go right at 3rd light onto Mansfield Ave. (You are nearby another letterbox! Sandy's Tilley Proposal- to be re-hidden very soon!) North on Mansfield. At second light, go left into school.

From North 95: Exit 11. Go left at end of ramp onto Noroton Ave. At 3rd light, go right onto Middlesex. Follow for awhile, it twists A LOT (first bear left, then bear right), until a stop sign at T-intersection. Go left onto Mansfield Ave. and then left at light into school.

Park in the smaller side of the parking lot, which is on the right, as soon as you drive in. Walk to the school entrance and start between the flower pots.
From there, go to the place that symbolizes a celebration on JUNE 14th. Once there, turn back towards the farm (ponies!) and unscramble these letters to see where to head next... a 2-sister, holey, "REATPELEP". From there, facing the school, find the line on the ground that rhymes with "mellow" and boarders the small parking lot and the sidewalk on your right. Multiply 38 X 2 and walk that many paces on that line. Once there, count "cinco" trees UP the hill from the metal fence. Near that tree you'll find another tree that gives us yummy toppings for our pancakes, beloved by vines and woodpeckers, on the boarder of the woods. What you seek is under a rock at the base.

Stamp in, re-hide well (don't let the students find it!), and mark your findings at and We welcome any emails regarding your hunt! Enjoy the summer vacation! See you in the fall! Love, Funthought and KJLighthouse

P.S. This box is still here as of June 20th, 2008! You may want to bring your own ink, though.