Celestial Gold Award Series - #5 & #6  LbNA # 22651

Placed DateMay 29 2006
CountyDanville city
LocationDanville, VA
Found By Eisenmans
Last Found May 25 2008
Hike Distance?

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Note: The area which you will be going through to find these letterboxes is absolutely covered with poison ivy. I’ve made it where you can still get to the boxes without making any contact with it, but you’ll still have to maneuver around the poison ivy to avoid it. So be sure you know what it looks like and be careful.

Celestial Gold Award Series
Ballou Park
Letterbox #5

(#5 of an 8 box series)

• Start at the shelter #10 sign facing the circle in the center

• Head northwest to your left towards the woods

• You will take the trail you will see

• At the fork in the trail in the very beginning, go left (the side without the bridges)

• You will come to a crumbly asphalt road, turn right

• To your left up ahead you’ll see the continuation of the trail, turn onto it

• You know you’re on the right path when you cross a wooden bridge; continue on

• There will be a bench up ahead on your right; sit

• Looking straight ahead, there is marker #5 and a large, snapped in half tree beyond it on the other side of the creek

• The letterbox is inside the tree

Celestial Gold Award Series
Ballou Park
Letterbox #6

(#6 of an 8 box series)

• Starting back at the bench by marker #5, continue on the trail

• Pass marker #8 and go around a bend

• Next you will go by marker #10 with a bench on the right

• Up a hill with wooden steps you will ascend

• You will then reach marker #14 and another bench

• Stand on the well-looking structure, looking at the pipe attached

• Walk 11 paces northwest; you will come to a cement marker

• Walk 17 paces left; you will come to a hollow tree

• The letterbox is inside

To Exit

• To get out and back to the starting point, continue on the trail

• When you hit the gravel, take a left

• At the road go straight up the wooden steps; continue on the trail

• Cross the 2 wooden bridges; the shelter is at the top of the hill

Remember to be cautious; watch out for poison ivy and snakes when searching for the letterboxes. Remember to place the boxes as they were and make sure they are hidden well before you leave. ありがと!がんばれ!