Mohegan Park Safari  LbNA # 22660 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 27 2006
CountyNew London
LocationMohegan Park, Norwich, CT
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Aug 19 2014
Hike Distance?

Placed by Witches of Nor

In Mohegan Park, go to the parking lot across from Spaulding Pond Beach. Facing the pond, walk to the right upper corner of the parking lot (toward the marked gas pole) and find the beginning of your trail.

Take the path to the left, and follow as it winds right. After a bit you'll come upon a slim trio of trees overlooking the path, on the right. Turn 180', and 12 paces back will take you to a flat top rock on the left, just a bit off the trail. Look on the backside of this rock to start your safari with the King of the Jungle!

Continue as you were going, along the path further into the woods. Come to the old and broken log walkway that once crossed your path. Go left, up the hill to the uprooted tree. Hiding under the tree, find the giant culprit who may have broken this walkway.

Back down the hill and continuing on the path, bear right at the fork. Down a little hill to the "traffic circle" with the octopus stand of trees in the center. Go 40 paces left to find the large oak located 12 paces to the left in the woods. Search in the pile of deadwood at it's base for your next safari animal.

Return to the "traffic circle", now continue straight down the path. Down, down, down you go, deeper into the jungle wetlands. At the babbling brook, look over your left shoulder to see the criss-crossed fallen trees. "X" marks the spot for your next find!

Now back the way you came! Up, up, up and take the path on the left at the "traffic circle". Bear right at the fork. Just a little ways in, look for the large rock guarded by 2 smaller sentry rocks. No "monkeying" can find it!

Again, back the way you came. Bear right at the fork. A short way past your first find, you'll come upon a gnarley stump facing you on the right. Your last animal is hiding here.

Keep going forward, the parking lot is a short way ahead of you.

Hope you had fun!