Marisa's Creepy Gate  LbNA # 22742 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 28 2006
CountyLewis and Clark
LocationHelena, MT
Found By mommytana
Last Found Aug 12 2007
Hike Distance?

The last feedback I had on this box was that it was missing. I intend to replace it, but I will probably not get to Helena before August 2 2009. I will let you all know when a new box is in place)

If you take Park Ave.(Benton Ave Becomes Park Ave @ Neill) south out of town past Reeder's Alley you will begin up Orofino Gulch. (The paved road is Orofino Gulch and the dirt road is Grizzly Gulch.) Continue up Orofino gulch for a few miles until the pavement ends. When the pavement ends you will want to set your vehicle's trip meter to zero.As your meter rolls over to 0.7 miles you will see a little pull off point to your right. Immediately to your left will be a cut into the hillside. This is an old mine shaft blocked off by a creepy wrought iron gate. This gate IS locked. Go up to the gate. You will notice a ledge at the top of both sides of the mine shaft. Just inside the gate to your right is the "creepy gate" letterbox. You will be able to reach the box from the outside of the gate.

Note: If you do not set your trip meter you will miss the gate!! If you see a road sign for Park Lake you have gone about half a mile too far!

Also thanks to everyone who has found this box accidentally while examining the random creepy gate in the hillside, and for returning the box to its hiding place. We hope to have intrigued you enough to search and hide other boxes in the area! Welcome to letterboxing!