River Wash Series  LbNA # 22747 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2006
CountyLos Angeles
LocationLong Beach, CA
Planted ByLeaderGS126    
Found By The Navigators
Last Found Aug 2 2007
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River Wash Series (boxes have been restored as of 8/19/06)

Low difficulty level
appx 1 hr to complete all three

The first modern identity for Long Beach began with the sprawling rancho awarded Manuel Nieto in 1784. Time and descendants divided the old Spanish Land Grant until the bulk of what is now Long Beach was contained in two ranchos, Los Cerritos and Los Alamitos.

The Los Cerritos area was not only home to sheepherders
and ranchos, but later, the red rail train depot and oil rigs. As the population grew from 1,500 and an area of three square miles in 1897, to an estimated population
of 440,000 citizens living in a 50-square-mile area,
there was not much area left undeveloped.

There is, however, a small strip of land on the west
side along the LA River Wash, where kids of today ride motorcycles and bikes along a homemade, dust laden, obstacle track. This is where you will find our
treasure box series.

Note - this can be a populated place, with bikers,
walkers and sometimes dirk bike riders. Try not to let other see you finding the treasure boxes - all 3
have already been stolen once.

Box #1: Nooks and Crannies (Jessica, Erin and Sarah's box)- directions changed as of 8/19/06

1)Start your journey at Los Cerritos Park in Long Beach,
at the stop sign at Del Mar St and San Antonio Avenue.

2)Head north (right) at the stop sign and proceed 0.2miles on Del Mar Street.

3)On the left side of the street is a gravel bike path
with a chain link gate at the entrance, semi-hidden in the brush. (Don’t miss it!)
Enter the trail, walk down gravel road to dirt trail on left.

4)Take the trail, through the gate* on the right, to
first area of trees. Look for the biggest diameter tree, clumped with several
other smaller tree trunks. The box
is in the hollow of the big tree, at the baseline with
the ground, with a rock in front.

5) please replace the rock to hide the box - it's been stolen once already.

* This gates have been unlocked everytime I have
checked the box, but some people have reported it
locked. If so - look for another open gate in the
fence - there are 3)

Box 2:Lounging Lizard (Rose, Rossini and Margaret's box)

1)Standing on the path with the trees on your right,
look down the path and to the right for the large,
closed, storm drain. Follow the path to the drain.

2)Climb the hill and stand at the top of the metal
grating platform, with the chain link gate at you
back. Stand and listen – do you hear the rustling
of the lizards?

3)Do not go out on the platform, instead, turn to
the right and walk along the chain link fence for
appx 25 paces to the burnt out, broken down tree.

4)The box is at the base of the tree, with a rock
in front of it.

Box 3:Lone Palm (Jessie and Lindsay's box)- Location changed as of 8/19/06

1)Return to the metal platform over the storm drain
and exit out the chain link gate*, turning left on
the path.

* This gates have been unlocked everytime I have
checked the box, but some people have reported it
locked. If so - look for another open gate in the
fence - there are 3)

2)Walk along the path to where the path meets the
bike path along the wash. Turn left.

3)Walk along the bike path, under the Blue Metro
Line overpass, until the path crests. Turn left on
the parallel road to the path, and turn right through
the chain link gate.

4)Look out into the dusty motorcycle trails – spot
the wooden telephone pole and head towards it.

5)At the telephone pole, looking south toward the
freeway in the distance, find the only palm tree
in the area. Heads toward it.

note - it was reported to me that someone has dumped
some old computers and medical supplies near the area.
Be careful where you step.

6)Face the palm tree with your back to the wash and
the freeway on the right. Start at the trunk of the
palm tree.
Look appx 3 to 4 feet up from the ground, slightly to the left, close to the trunk of the tree
in the dead fronds.

7) The treasure is in a black, cylinderical container
with a green string coming out of the lid.

Hope You Enjoy!
Girl Scout Troop 126