Fly High, Fly Low  LbNA # 22794

Placed DateJun 5 2006
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Planted ByEclipse Tuliphead    
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"Fly High, Fly Low" is a Caldecott Honor children's book by Don Freeman, published in 1957. Beautifully illustrated in colored pencil, it tells the story of Sid, a pigeon, and his partner, Midge, who together build a nest and a family in the giant letter "B" of the Bay Hotel in San Francisco. What happens when the hotel is scheduled for demolition and the letters are taken away is the basis for Sid's journey around San Francisco, taking in many familiar sights and vistas!

While Sid and Midge didn't live over where the Fly High, Fly Low letterbox is located, they undoubtedly were familiar with the view from this lovely spot. To see it for yourself, follow these clues to the letterbox:

1) In San Francisco, follow this major South of Market street all the way south until you run into this hill, surrounded by a neighborhood with which it shares a name, named after the settler who received the land grant for the area in 1839. This neighborhood was also spared from the 1906 earthquake due to its foundation of bedrock and lack of gas or electricity. Some of the original earthquake cottages built after the '06 quake can still be found here!

2) As this street heads uphill, you will come to a small parking lot at the base of a paved road that leads up to the top of the hill (closed to vehicles). There will be a sign for the hill park here. Park in this lot or anywhere near here along the shoulder of the road. Be careful and watch for cars! This is a popular dog walking spot, as well, so be mindful of unleashed dogs.

3) Starting from the parking lot, cross the street to the paved path opposite the hill and head east on the path. Start counting the rocks between the path and the street, up to 24. Also look for a yellow pedestrian crossing sign. When you find this spot, stop, face north, and take in the view, one of the best in the city!

4) Across the pedestrian path from the 24th rock and the pedestrian xing sign, as you face the city, look for a large dark green bush that has a smaller succulent jade plant to the right of it. What you seek is on the ground between these bushes, under the dark green plant. This is best accessed from the backside of the bushes, with your back to the city, both for ease of reach and stealth!

This is a popular area, especially on a beautiful weekend day, or any early morning or evening, so please be mindful of others and rehide carefully!

When you're done, follow the road around the top of the hill to the other side, and down a residential street two blocks to this neighborhood's main street to find great restaurants, stores, and colorful San Francisco neighborhood streets.