The Garrison  LbNA # 22807

OwnerSecret Gardeners    
Placed DateJun 4 2006
CountyLesser Antilles
LocationBridgetown, LSA
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The Garrison:

Visit the Clock Tower then muster on the parade square. It is crumbling but you can still find a set of unpainted steps leading down from it. From the bottom of the steps, head south – and count 5 low gaps. The 6th low gap is blocked because “The Clock Tower” is within.

The Garrison has the largest collection of 17th century cannons in the world. With your back to the clock tower this time, look past the collection of cannons across the race track to the museum. The museum also has two cannons.

At the entrance to the museum you will find – without having to enter – a Marble Laver, donated by Mrs Yearwood, and was from the old Jewish Synagogue - the oldest in the Western Himisphere. It was Jews from Brazil who introduced sugar cane to Bim. Now, with your back to the fountain check a 204 degree bearing and you will spot the safe haven for “The Cannon” 38 paces away.

Placed June 2006 by: The Secret Gardeners
Nearest town: Bridgetown, Barbados