Wasp In A Wig  LbNA # 22826 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 6 2006
LocationDelafield, WI
Found By punxsygal
Last Found Oct 12 2011
Hike Distance?

***Note*** I have had several notifications that box 1 is missing. I will be traveling to the location within the next week to find out if this is so, and if so, replace the box. I would advise anyone wishing to attempt this series to hold off until that time. When I verify its status, I will update the clues***

This is a series originally placed at the 2006 Great Lakes Gathering at Lapham Peak Park in Delafield, WI.

Each box holds the clue to the next and the pieces of this 5 box series fit together like a "jigsaw" puzzle.

Can you find the Lost Chapter -- "A Wasp in a Wig"

The clue to the first box is:

Follow me to where life is ever green,
Back to the time of the ice age.
You and me, we stop for tea.
Right away.
Spotting a yellow tag i plot
172 degrees (that's hot)
Over two I shall go
for 15 steps and look below.

Good luck everyone!