Mid MO Mystery  LbNA # 22827

OwnerJenny J    
Placed DateApr 26 2006
Location???, MO
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 19 2011
Hike Distance?

MID MO MYSTERY Your challenge for this letterbox is figuring out where it is located. Here are three hints. 1. This is a conservation area in Boone County. 2. If you were French, you might say “ Lac du Trois Villes.” 3. A nearby town is located at 92 degrees - 7’ - 59’’ West, longitude and 39 degrees - 12’ - 34” North, latitude. Now do some research and discover how to get there. CLUE A pace = 2 steps (right, left) BYOI - Brown, green and red are good choices.

From the parking area you will follow the trail widdershins around the lake. Begin your hunt at the trail just past the outhouse. A large log lies at the right edge of the trail. Here are some landmarks to guide you along. At approximately 90 paces a small drainage crosses the trail. 14 paces - Notice a tree with a triplet trunk on your right. 63 paces to a large fallen tree with a thick vine attached lying across the trail. This is a newly fallen tree and may be removed later, so I will try to update the clue when needed. As of April 26, it’s impossible to miss as you must clamber over it to continue on the trail. 12 paces - The trail takes a dip and a large log lies on the right where a drainage crosses. See the remains of a wooden foot bridge. 40 paces - Notice the marsh near left side of trail and a large oak on right. 42 paces - A drainage comes from the right and runs alongside the trail. 13 paces - Another foot bridge in shambles and a huge sycamore. 12 paces - The trail seems to split briefly and run around both sides of a tree. 45 paces - Marshy area with cattails on the edge of lake. A small pile of logs lies at the left edge. 78 paces - A stand of Eastern Red Cedars with a small clearing on your right. 42 paces - On your left a tall stump with its broken portion suspended in the fork of another tree. 10 paces - An “End of Public Use Area” sign. (There are many of these, please stay on the public land.) 2 very short paces to some brush and old fallen logs next to the fence on your right. Look inside the raised end of the log lying closest to you.

After replacing the box carefully, you may continue on the trail around the lake or go back the way you came. This LB is quite close to the trail. Although this is not generally a heavily-visited spot, please be discreet if others are in the area.