The Plastics  LbNA # 22838

Placed DateJun 9 2006
LocationDover, DE
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these four letterboxes were placed as a school project by 4th and 5th graders at Campus Community School in Dover, Delaware. The students learned about mapping, compasses, nature and writing complete directions for others to read!!
All four letterboxes are hidden in Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware. You can park at either parking lot--the main park entrance or the beach parking lot off of State Street however the easiest way is to park at the beach lot.

Start at the parking lot closest to the graveyard.
Go to the shack closest to the water.
Head 140 degrees east until you reach two wooden fences.
Go on the path straight ahead.
You will soon come to your first fork in the road.
Take a right to the playground.
Go up the first set of red steps and through the giant fish out of water.
Then up the second set of red stairs.
Go down the big green slide.
Go 60 degrees on your compass from there and then cross the path to the blue swing set and slide.
Go back to the squiggly path and take a left at the next fork in the path.
Head towards the sound of the rapid spillway and over the waves you go.
Take a 90 degree right angle and go to where the automobiles stay.
Past the two outhouses you will see your first pine tree.
Continue along the road to the second pine tree.
Turn here so in sight there are two bridges.
Over the smaller bridge you go, then take a right at the fork and cross the second bridge.
Continue on the path and take a left at your next fork.
Keep on the path and soon you will see two wooden poles, past first and onto second.
Go 28 paces west and you will reach a small tree.
Continue going west 20 paces and you will reach a path of vines.
Go up the path 10 paces.
You will reach small opening and you have to go through it.
This is the hiding place of the letterbox, north east under the dead vines, you shall reach it here.