The Dragonfly  LbNA # 22839

Placed DateJun 9 2006
LocationDover, DE
Found By Mother Duck
Last Found Feb 15 2007
Hike Distance?

These four letterboxes were placed as a school project by 4th and 5th graders at Campus Community School in Dover, Delaware. They learned about mapping, compasses, nature and writing directions for other people to follow! All four letterboxes are hidden in Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware. You can park in either parking lot--the main entrance or the beach parking lot off of State Street however it is easier to use the beach parking lot.

Start where the parking lot meets the beach.
Go to the first fence by the water, from the rightmost corner south and take approximately 30 paces towards the first tree.
Look for the fish out of water and go underneath of it.
Go due east to the sandy swings.
Go east and take about 50 paces.
Here you are at the spillway.
Go back the way you came, go left to the first light post you see.
Go down the hill on the left and walk on the snake like path through the woods.
Make sure you pass the V shaped tree.
Walk down the shady path until you reach the single picnic table at the end.
Sit down and look around.
Once you are done your peaceful rest, go to the path over the water.
Count seven metal posts in and take 15 more steps and stop.
Go right on the fork and walk to the tree stump now stand on the stump and hum the ABC’s
Return to the path and farther along you might see a log.
Keep going along and you might think you have gone to far, you might see a car.
Go to the bridge and stop. Do not cross!
On your right you’ll see some rocks and there you’ll find the letterbox.