The CCS Team  LbNA # 22840 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 9 2006
LocationDover, DE
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Hike Distance?

All four letterboxes were placed as a school project by 4th and 5th graders at Campus Community School in Dover, Delaware. The students learned about mapping, compasses, nature and writing directions for other people to follow!
All four letterboxes were hidden in Silver Lake Park in Dover. You can park at either parking lot--the main entrance or the beach lot off of State Street, however it is easier to park at the beach lot.

Park your car at Silver Lake Park by the beach.

Walk as if you were leaving the park until you see a sign that says
“City of Dover - Silver Lake Park”. On the right side of the sign just before the forest there should be a path between the bushes. Follow the path down the hill and go east to the first wooden pole.

From the pole turn right and walk to the sidewalk.

Follow the sidewalk east and then east by southeast to pavilion number two.

Walk east through the pavilion to the sidewalk.

Go north along the sidewalk until you reach the fork in the road. Turn right, follow to the end and turn left.

Walk on the sidewalk, pass the slide and follow the water bank. From the light pole west of the blue slide go 25 paces. Scramble down the natural stone steps to the edge of the lake. Face right, between a large rock and a tree, you’ll find what you are looking for.

It’s along the water bank. If you reach the beach, you have gone too far.