Hey! Mister Wilson!  LbNA # 22846

Placed DateJun 8 2006
LocationCoeur d'Alene, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 27 2013
Hike Distance?

Hey! Mister Wilson! Letterbox

The Hey! Mister Wilson! Letterbox is found on Mineral Ridge east of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Take exit 22 as you would if you were going to Harrison. At Beauty Bay you will see the Mineral Ridge Trailhead on the east side of Hwy 97. This is a very nice area for picnic, rest stop, and hiking. From the parking spot at 2128 feet elevation, you will need to hike on up the trail. This trail is a loop trail that is 2.5 miles in length. Add the diversion for the letterbox and it will count closer to 3 miles round trip. The elevation change is approximately 670 feet. The view from the ridge top, elevation 2,800 feet at Caribou Cabin , is worth every step.
At the start there is an information kiosk. Grab one of the trail quides if you want to learn about the fauna and flora. The guide is very nicely done. Drop a donation in the box if you wish. The BLM has provided the quides and the maintenance for this area since 1963. Mineral Ridge is the first recreation site developed by them in Idaho. In April 1982, the trail was designated as a National Recreation Trail. The area is rich in history, botanical delights, and beautiful views.
By now, you maybe wondering what Mister Wilson has to do with Mineral Ridge. Well, nothing really, but hike on up almost to the Caribou Cabin and you will see what sparked an idea for the letterbox nearly a year ago. At the site of an old water fountain, a Trail breaks off from the main trail as you near Caribou Cabin. Take this trail along the ridge top. The trail travels in an easterly direction. Walk approximately 0.2 miles along the trail until you come to a Y. A sign behind a branch or two gives the name of the trail again. Take the left fork and continue on. This portion of the trail is narrow and surrounding terrain steep. Keep an eye on your footing and any kids or pets you may have brought with you. Travel on past a fallen tree that has been cut thru to allow passage, the ground dips here also. Moving on you should pass an usually gnarled stump on the left of the trail. Then, not far from the stump, a large fir tree on the left. It is almost on the trail too. Enjoy the view through the many other trees, grab a peek when you can. As the trail continues, you will find yourself walking through a Thimble berry patch. At the very last of the patch, you will notice a moss covered log lying on the right side of the trail. It won't be far now. As you pass by, you could stop and take a look at the Soil Profile sign . A few more steps along the trail and you will near the hiding place. In fact you should be able to see the spot now. It's on the right side of the trail. It seems to be the only one visible. It is very nice, rather large, gray and mossy topped. Find the letterbox on top of it. Just under the brush. Please be kind to the foliage. There is no reason to leave the trail. Letterbox is accessible with just a long reach. Thanks so much.
Hope you enjoy the area as much as I do. If you hike a little further up the trail to Bluebird View Point you will be richly rewarded with a wonderful view. A bench is available for a peaceful rest before you hike back down.
Enjoy. God bless, Sondog

notes: Overall hike to plant this letterbox was 1 hour and 45 mins. But please plan for more time so you can stop and enjoy the many sites.

Hitchhiker friendly. In fact, "Shopping 4 a letterbox" HH is in here at planting.

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