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Placed DateJun 9 2006
Location???, TX
Found By???
Last UpdateOct 7 2006


Steve Prefontaine was the greatest American distance runner ever. Pre was seemingly unstoppable, at one point he held every American track & field record from the 2,000 to the 10,000 meters. Pre was often accused of being overly brash and cocky, but that was an integral part of what made him so great. The only thing better than watching Pre run his mouth, was watching him back up exactly what he had said on the track. But unfortunately for the world this magic came to an abrupt end. What happened that horrible night of May 30, 1975, when Pre died at the age of 24, should live on in the minds of all runners. Without Pre the world would be an entirely different place for runners. Pre made running cool, he was loved all over the world. Pre made the idea of going out and running extremely hard from the start something heroic, not stupid. Steve said that "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift." Pre gave us his gift, he ran every race as if it were his last.
–Taken from GoPre.com

This letterbox is dedicated to Cross Country runners as I will be coaching our Girl’s Cross Country team this year!! To find this letterbox, you must first answer some questions and then solve the puzzle below. Green and Red ink work well with this stamp.

1. The name of the city and country of the 1972 Olympics where Steve Prefontaine participated. _ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. What college did Steve Prefontaine attend? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. What was the mascot of that University? _ _ _ _ _

4. What is the name of the track (field) he ran on? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. What city is #2 located in? _ _ _ _ _ _

6. Who was Steve Prefontaine’s coach while in college? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7. What city was Steve born in? _ _ _ _ _ _ _

8. What is his nickname? _ _ _

9. What high school did he attend? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

10. What was Steve’s middle name? _ _ _ _ _ _

11. “To give anything than your best is to sacrifice the _ _ _ _“

12. Steve’s “greatest rival”. _ _ _

13. What athletic clothing company recently endorsed Pre products? _ _ _ _

14. A slow run, usually done as a warm up _ _ _

9/1,3/3,7/1,12/3,6/4,10/3,2/13,5/2,11/1,4/1:14/1,1/2,10/5,13/2,7/3,8/2:1/6, 11/2,5/3,9/11

Once you have figured out your starting point, park in the far West parking lot. Walk towards the main street, and you will see a concrete path/trail. Take this path heading West. 79 steps later, you will come to a “bridge” with green railing. Get used to this as there are several more along the way! The trail will bend towards the right. You will soon come to a second and third bridge. 60 steps after the third bridge is a bridge that goes to the left. Do not take this!! Keep going straight. You will pass a fourth and fifth bridge and then another bridge heading left. Stay on the main path and pass over two more bridges. At the second of these two bridges, look right. You should see something that Pre frequently practiced on! Keep going straight. As you cross the next bridge, you will see a path off to the right going into the woods. Cross Country trails, maybe? Keep going straight on the main concrete path and you will come to another green bridge. (By now, you should see a horizontal brown pipe in front of you) Cross the bridge and take 24 steps. Look right and you should see a tall pine tree surrounded by the shrubbery of a white oak tree, growing to the left of the pine. Go Pre! is residing at the back of the pine tree at the base under pine needles and pine cones. Please let me know how the box is doing!