Guest of the Angels  LbNA # 22853

OwnerBelmont Bunch    
Placed DateJun 9 2006
LocationBelmont, NC
Found By OurGreenHome
Last Found Aug 7 2011
Hike Distance?

Find the High School in Belmont. The home of the Red Raiders. Travel about a 1/2 mile south of the high school and turn left on a road called Belwood into a little neighborhood. Immediately on your left will be a little, old, cemetary.

Park on the little berm in front of the cemetary. Exit the car. Find the angel and be her guest. Face the same way the angel is facing. Proceed to the tree line and find the indigo aviary. With your back to the road, walk about 20 paces to the big tombstone and introduce yourself to James and Naomi.

With your back to their back, enter the trees and find the tombstone where rest two little lambs. Behind that tombstone and to the right is a little tree. Behind it, between it and the fence is that which you seek.
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Here is some info about the cemetery now that a historic society has adopted it:

Smith Cemetery began in 1765 with the first burial of James Leeper. It is located on 1.65 acres and does not have a legal owner as the cemetery was sold to the Leeper and Armstrong families and their descendants in 1836.

General Information
There are 199 known to be buried in Smith Cemetery (1765-2007).

By July 2009, Smith Cemetery was an overgrown field with tombstones barely visible. A major cleanup effort was undertaken and today, Smith Cemetery has been restored.