No Pit To Hiss In  LbNA # 22854

OwnerEl Lobo    
Placed DateMay 23 2006
LocationOdessa, TX
Found By Boots Tex
Last Found May 29 2006
Hike Distance?

(Reported MISSING on 9/8/06. If true, this box will be re-done and moved to a better location. Check back soon)

One thing that we have plenty of in West Texas is rattlesnakes. They are important elements in the natural predator-prey chain, are very shy, and avoid interaction with humans as much as possible. If allowed, they will exit the area or hide very quickly. However, they will defend themselves if need be, so always give them as much room as possible. Bad encounters are a result of both human and snake being surprised by the others presence. The snakes eat mostly rodents and are widely distributed over the area.
This letterbox is in recognition of one rusty old rattler who doesn’t have much going for him. Seems he is always coming up short, often gets left out, and doesn’t even have a pit to hiss in.

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin is in east Odessa between John Ben Shepard Parkway on the west and Loop 338 on the east, University Drive on the south and 42nd Street on the north. The letterbox is along the 2.81 mile outside loop hike/bike trail that encircles the campus.
There are three different areas to park that will determine the distance to walk to find the box. Popular parking areas are the small lot on the north side of University Drive just east of the University's entrance and the museums. From this lot you will cross a footbridge, then take the path to the right going east, then north along the east side of the campus. You can also park near the “duck pond”. Take the road heading east just across the street east of the Stonehenge replica. The parking area is past the road to the duck pond. Take the trail going east (it bends south, then south east). The closest parking is at the UTPB Park near the driving range where there is a footbridge that takes you across a drainage channel to the paved trail.
From the metal tail map at the footbridge near the southwest corner of UTPB Park go south along the path for 120 steps to a single, large white caliche rock on the right side of the trail. The driving range of UPTB Park will be on your left. Continue south from the rock for 12 steps, then turn 90 degrees to the right and travel off the trail in a westerly direction for 15 steps. At the edge of the cleared area there will be a small stack of white rocks, the letterbox is within these rocks. If you approach along the trail from the south you will look for the large white rock (it will be on your left) about mid-way between a concrete drainage crossing with a mesquite tree close by and the footbridge that you will be able to see ahead (north). Please re-hide with care.