The Grey Man's Key  LbNA # 22857 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Gamecock    
Placed DateJun 9 2006
LocationPawleys Island, SC
Found By AmyLee
Last Found Aug 13 2010
Hike Distance?

Note: 5/1/12 There have been reports that this box is missing and a geotrash is in its place. I would love if someone would confirm this with me. Thank you!

Drive-by. 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach

From Miss Myrtle, head South on Hwy 17. When you approach Pawleys Island turn Left on to the North Causeway. It's called Waverly St. if you were to turn right. There is a BP and Walgreens on either corner.

As you cross over the bridge to the island, take an immediate Right on to Pavillion Rd. You will see the sign for Pawleys Nature Park. Park off the road on the Right. Head towards the Pavillion. As you face the Pavillion the Key is hidden under the first step on the Left. Please be discrete.

Pawleys Island is a great place! I recommend renting a cottage and staying for a while!

The Grey Man of Pawlys Island:

Historical ghost stories abound in South Carolina, but one of the oldest and most famous is the story of the Grey Man of Pawleys Island, a coastal community in Georgetown County. Several versions of this story exist, but all say the apparition appears before major storms to warn the island’s inhabitants of approaching danger.

The oldest version begins with a young woman from Colonial Charleston, the daughter of a prominent family. She had many suitors, but would not choose among them because she was in love with her wild and reckless cousin. Both sets of parents objected to the match and discouraged it by sending the young man to Europe. News soon arrived from France of his death in a duel. Brokenhearted, the young woman went into mourning, refusing to see suitors or other callers.

A year later, a young wealthy rice planter from the Waccamaw area visited the family. A recent widower, he fell in love at first sight with the still grief-stricken girl and sought her father’s permission to court her. The father agreed, but told the young man the sad story of her previous romance. Eventually, the young planter won her hand and the couple married. The newlyweds wintered on a large estate on Waccamaw Neck and summered on Pawleys Island.

During the Revolution the planter served as a captain under Francis Marion. While away fighting the British in the summer of 1778, his family moved to the summer home on Pawleys Island. One evening, a violent storm foundered a ship off shore. The slaves saw one survivor stumble out of the surf. The slaves told him their master was away, but that the mistress would provide him with shelter until the end of the storm. They took him to the summer house and gave the stranger food and dry clothes. When the mistress of the house came to greet him, she fainted. The mysterious stranger cried out and ran from the house, disappearing into the storm. He was her lost love thought dead many years before. It was later learned he died of yellow fever and exposure while trying to find his way south to Charleston. It is said he still haunts the island in the vicinity of this old house, a shadowy "Grey Man" warning islanders of storms and the perils they bring.