Ong's Hat  LbNA # 22880

Placed DateMay 29 2006
LocationOng's Hat, NJ
Found By Moni
Last Found Jul 22 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 16 2015

Originally planted by the Von der Insels. *Clue Updated - Sept. 2013*

About Ong's Hat:

"In the nineteenth century, a man named Jacob Ong - whose name was pronounced conventionally, like "song" or "long" - went to a dance in a village in the northern part of the pines, and he somehow infuriated one of his partners, and she pulled Ong's hat from his head and crunched it under her feet. Ong is said to have taken the hat and tossed it up into a tree, where it caught on a branch and remained for months. The settlement below became known as Ong's Hat. It is one of the vanished towns, but cartographers find it irresistible, and it still appears on road maps."

- from "The Pine Barrens" by John McPhee


Find your best way to the northernmost terminus of the Batona Trail, located in the bustling village of Ong's Hat, NJ. Park in the parking lot, unless you hiked here.

Go to the "Carry-in / Carry-out" sign, site 190* to a faint 'path' and walk 14 steps to a pine tree.

With the Pine tree on your left, site 160* and walk 21 steps to another pine tree. Behind that pine tree is the Ong's Hat Letterbox.

The box is covered well by pine needles, dirt and some sticks. Please re-hide it well.

**Note: Using the map function will put you in the general area of this box. But you will have to find your way to the trail location and to the box**

Hike Length: 0.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 0 feet