Lake Henry Letterbox  LbNA # 22900

Placed DateJun 10 2006
LocationMahwah, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Lake Henry Letterbox (previously known as the LH mystery letterbox)
Continental Soldiers Park,
Mahwah, NJ Bergen County
Placed by Wingfoot on 06/10/06
Checked & clues posted on 04/12/10

Directions: Just south of Ramapo College on Route 202

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Easy
Time: 30 – 40 minutes for a stroll around a lake

Notes: No dogs allowed. Area can be muddy at times. Please be careful to check if there are fishermen in the area before searching for box.

Park your car in the small parking lot in the back of the park. There is a kiosk there that had a map of the dirt road around Lake Henry. Take the dirt road northwest. Shortly you’ll come to the lake, take a left following the dirt road. Stay with dirt road around lake for the entire walk. You’ll cross abridge and the road will climb slightly and then descend. Road will make a right around the lake and climb slightly again and then descend once again. Eventually you’ll come to a silver maple tree on the left of the path. You will know it's a silver maple tree as there is a sign on the tree indicating it is a silver maple tree. Keep walking down path 32 paces from the tree. There will be a gap in the tree on the right allowing folks to fish. On the left of the path just a few feet up are two trees that have vines climbing them. The farthest tree has a pile of rocks at it’s base. Within the pile of rock is what you seek. Please hide box completely after stamping in. Continue around lake crossing one more bridge.