Ants in Your Pants ***MISSING***  LbNA # 22911 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 11 2006
LocationTitusville, FL
Planted ByRetroGirl    
Found By Taphophile
Last Found Nov 10 2006
Hike Distance?

Ants in Your Pants
Planted on 06/11/2006
Located in Sand Point Park

******THIS LETTER BOX IS MISSING AS OF 12/25/06. STAY TUNED FOR REPLACEMENT DATE.***************************

Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy this popular park. There's a nice playground for the playful kids and a skate and bike facility for the extreme kids. You can fish, play baseball, exercise on the work out circuit or just relax and watch the wildlife. Just be careful and don't get ants in your pants!

Use the US1 entrance as the Garden Street entrance is closed.

Enter park.
Turn left.
Park in parking lot on right.
At the southeast corner of parking lot there is a path that will lead you to the restrooms.
Just before the path notice on you right a large coquina rock with holes all the way through it.
Look for the third large coquina rock. (It's next to a palm tree that leans to the west.)
On the south side of this rock is a cavern.
Ants in Your Pants is inside!

Please rehide well and double bag everything! Thank you!