Devil's Kitchen -Dancing Devils  LbNA # 22913 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 29 2006
CountyLewis and Clark
LocationHelena, MT
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(I have never had any feedback as to the status of this box so I am unsure if it is still in its location)

This box was placed by Penguin girls, with the help of Shoe fetish, and snuggle bug
Take Park Ave south towards Orofino Gulch. You will see a brick retaining wall with the designation Reeder's Village for a housing development to your left. Turn left and take the roadd up to Mt Helena Recreation Area and park at the trail head. you mayt want to consult the map at the base of the trail head. You will want to find "Devil's Kitchen" on the map. (of these trails the "1906" trail is the "easiest" hike). If you are new to the area the big gaping hole in the hillside is the clue that you have found Devil's Kitchen. (Don't worry this cave does not house bats!)Go up to and inside Devil's Kitchen. Once inside look to you right and you will see a smaller cave. (my daughter jokingly calls this "Devil's pantry") enter Devils pantry, all the way to the back (it's not far but the ceiling gets low) the letterbox will be to your left wedged between the crevice of two rocks. We hid this box without a flashlight, and you shouldn't need one.