O'Leary Potato  LbNA # 2292 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 12 2003
CountyPrince Edward Is, CAN
LocationO'Leary, PEI
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

2013.8.21 - heard box is not able to be found due to changes in the landscaping. So sorry.

Planted by "the Family"(Yuzi, CERK, VFTR, butterbaby, spunky spaniel, and rtrw) on August 12th, 2002.

Time - 10 minutes
Difficulty - easy
Distance - less than a football field

Where can you have your picture taken by a fiberglass pototo that's 14 feet high? Why the Prince Edward Island Potato Museum, of course.

The musem was fun and informative, and we learned a lot about this important PEI industry. It also helped us appreciate the MANY potato fields we saw on our PEI vacation. They have a good website at peipotatomuseum.com. Check here for hours and dates of operation. After you enjoy the museum (or if by some fluke of nature don't want to know more about the potato), you can find our box outside.

Pull all the way into the parking lot and park facing away from the museum. There is a field with a pretty gazebo directly in front of you. Go to the gazebo steps and take a left. At the corner turn right. The prize for which you are searching is under the central support on that side. Gloves may be helpful. We saw a spider. Have a seat, stamp up and rehide well. Enjoy.

We are not local at all, so please help us keep this box updated and dry