Quacky McLaren  LbNA # 22929 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 12 2006
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Found By SuziLivvi
Last Found Mar 23 2008
Hike Distance?

Optional: Bring stale bread to feed ducks and/or ducklings.

1. Drive south on Cambridge.
2. At Wayland and Cambridge, you enter John McLaren Park.
3. Continue up the hill to the stop sign and turn left on John F. Shelley st.
4. On your left, you'll see a palm tree, a footpath with a bridge and another footpath a little bit futher up the hill on the left. Take that one!
5. Cross the bridge. The pink rhodadendron is in bloom! (June)
6. Cross the 2nd bridge and you'll see the human made creek.
7. Turn left at the path (There are picnic tables for lunch) and you'll see beautiful old Cypress trees.
8. Follow the path down the stairs and over another wooden bridge and veer to the right at the next set of tables.
9. Turn right at the next fork and cross your 4th bridge.
10. Sit on the bench and listen to birds, water and airplanes. If you're lucky, berries will be on your right as you cross the bridge.
11. Follow the asphalt path.
12. Turn left at the fork and stop to play.
13. Alternate route (For 10 and under crew)
14. Up the slide
15. Bounce across the bridge
16. Down the pole
17. Across the monkey bars (And whatever else)
18. Exit the play structure
19. Turn right (Of course, stop and feed any ducks and/or ducklings in June.
20. Follow the pond around until you see a dirt path off to the right (before the concrete bridge)
21. Take that path up the hill
22. Turn left onto the asphalth path.
23. Cross the bridge
24. Before you get to the next fork, there is a patch of ivy on your right.
25. Turn 45 degrees right and take 3 steps and turn halfway so you are looking in between the two trees.
26. Take a couple steps. (not baby step or gigante steps)
27. Reach into a small clump of ivy to find my letterbox!!!!!
REMINDER: If the box is under pine needles, put it back EXACTLY where you found it, under the pine needles. Thank you!