Humboldt Park  LbNA # 22930 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 10 2006
LocationChicago, IL
Planted ByBeachMom FrogMan Big    
Found By Flying Cow
Last Found Sep 24 2009
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Humboldt Park was part of the West Parks system designed in 1871 by engineer William Le Baron Jenney. Graced with a central lagoon, flower gardens, and curving paths, Humboldt Park was connected to Garfield Park and Douglas Park by wide, tree-lined boulevards.

In 1906, landscape architect Jens Jensen began to shape his prairie style of landscape design in Humboldt Park. He added a “prairie river”, stony brooks, and native Illinois trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.

“… a garden, to be a work of art, must have
the soul of the native landscape in it.”
-- Jens Jensen

Enjoy this great urban park as you search for the box. Start at the metal sculpture of the Puerto Rican flag at the Southeast corner of the park near Division and California. Walk north on the paved path at the base of the flag as it goes into the park (straight through an intersection of paths and the intersection with the street). At the “Park closes at 11:00” sign, turn left. Continue along the path as it curves in a northwesterly direction on its way into the park, not turning off on any side paths. Spot the building near the lagoon and keep heading toward it on the path.

When you get to the building, go up the short staircase. You’ll see a Frank Lloyd Wright-like lamp post at the top. Walk toward its twin on the other side of the building. When you reach this lamp post, turn right and go down the stairs. Find the nearby bridge and cross under it, then head toward “danger”.

At the first intersection, continue as you were. Look for another bridge and then turn right and cross over it. At the other side of the bridge, take the path to the left. Keep your eyes open for a dirt path on the left and turn onto it. Cross the rocks to the other side of the little river, then take the path left. Turn left at the T and cross your next bridge. Continue on and look for your final bridge. You’ll find the box “right” under the first plank.