Girl Scout Day Camp 2006 #1  LbNA # 22932

Placed DateJun 12 2006
LocationKenton, OH
Planted ByBulldogs    
Found By snapdragon
Last Found Oct 30 2007
Hike Distance?

Take State Hwy 67 west out of Kenton. Turn left on County Road 115. Go about 2-3 miles to a small cemetery (Norman Cemetery) on your right.

Go in the second entrance and drive or walk to the outhouse next to the maintenance shed. Turn around and walk 57 paces east. Now, don't have a "Hisey" Fit if you have to look around for this one. Once you find the "Hisey", walk 20 paces to the South.

Look to the East for the taller of the two Robert Rice gravestones. There are some old gravestones leaning up against Mr Rice's tombstone. Look behind them.

Make sure you "hide" it again so it is out of site, especially when the foliage dies off.

This is one of two boxes placed for Girl Scout Day camp in 2006 for the Cadettes to earn their "Hi-Tech Hide & Seek" and "Orienteering" badges.