Another Back to School Letterbox  LbNA # 22945

OwnerRubberband Man    
Placed DateSep 4 2005
LocationMissoula, MT
Found By Choi
Last Found Sep 14 2015
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is called the “Back to School” letterbox. Rightly so, it has been placed in a Missoula bookstore. It’s an easy one, taking about 30 minutes.
I have scrambled the name of this store to make the following phrases: “A hog, eh? Beckon Tex!” Unscramble the letters to get the business name. Go there.


This business has entirely changed! While they have not changed locations, they have changed the layout of their store, rendering the previous clues worthless.
I am told that they keep the letterbox behind the counter, but what fun is that? I invite the first person to read this message to RE-DO these letterbox clues. Contrary to what you might think, I had a TON of fun doing this one. Here's my plan:
First, read the old clues. They looked like this:
"Once inside, you’ll see a display on letterboxing accompanied by the book “A Letterboxer’s Companion” by Randy Hall. Memorize what this book looks like.
Then continue to walk along the mats until the mats end. Turn around and go back to the door. Repeat this pattern until the store employees are familiar with you.
Ask an employee the following question: “Where was Brandon Shimoda’s section?” The answer to this question will be your starting point.
Stand with your back to this section. The following instructions will tell you which way to turn and how many average adult steps to take (little kids must take big steps).
Turn left, 2 steps. Turn right, 8 steps. Turn left, 4 steps. Turn right, 6 steps. Turn right, 9 steps. Turn right, 6 steps. Turn left, 7 steps. Turn right, 7 steps. Turn right, 5 steps. Turn right, 7 steps. Turn left, 1 step. Turn right, 10 steps. Turn right, 7 steps. Turn left, 5 steps. Turn left, 3 steps. Turn left and stop."

Now that the business is bigger, I invite someone to do the following: 1) choose a point in the store at which to start, 2) walk and write down a somewhat confounding path through the store. how far people have to go is up to you, though I caution you to make it less than a few miles, 3) have them end up at the counter where the letterbox is anyway! 4) send me the clues and your name, and I'll post them to this page. Good luck!

(the end of the previous clues)
"At this point, you should be a little dizzy. Shake it off.
Once your vision clears, you should be looking at some shelves. On the bottom shelf, you will find a copy of Randy Hall’s book. Open it up, and you’ll find a letterbox!"